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How to Design Office Reception to Impress Your Clients

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Although it might sound a little outmoded, but it’s true to the letter- you don’t get the chance to make a second impression. The first impression is important and it is all that counts.

And that is why you should design this space extremely carefully, so that your clients, visitors and vendors- all get equally impressed. This space should be crafted in such a way that it doesn’t just look stylish, but also professional and functional. Making a statement about your company can get easy with a reception area designed in the most skilled manner. Make sure the design of your reception area conveys the right message, so that your brand is always held in high esteem. By keeping this mantra of Office interior architecture in mind, you will be able to make a huge impact with your office design.

The reception area is one of the most important parts of any commercial office interior. Hence, you should show no laxity while deciding on its overall look. Make sure your reception area represents a commercial office interior, besides reflecting the image and the theme of your company. Whether you like a creative Office reception interior or an Office reception with a sleek touch, you can go about it without apprehensions. For a greater impact on your clients, you can opt for an imposing design. And if cosiness is all you need, then you can make comfort your design priority.

There is actually no bad Corporate Office Interior concept what turn out to be bad are designs. If you observe a little cautiousness in this regard, you will get a great reception area design.

For a great looking reception area, choose the colour scheme carefully. If you want the paint on the walls to complement any furnishing option, then go for light neutrals and earthy tones. They are extremely versatile. And versatility is what you need for Corporate Office Interior designs. And these colour schemes are not just great for walls, they are also perfect for window treatments, wall coverings, carpeting etc. If you want to offer the reception area a great deal of contemporary touch, then go for materials like tiles, acrylic, chrome, glass etc. If need be, go for a lighting upgrade according to the colours used in the reception area.

If you want a centerpiece for this space, then make no separate investment. Place such a beautiful reception desk that it acts like a centerpiece. Make sure the size of the desk, its shape and design go with other décor elements in the space concerned. In order to make a statement, you will have to choose an original yet eye-catchy design. And to make the room look welcoming, face the reception desk towards the entrance. You can achieve a more formal feel by tilting the desk at an angle.

With these tips, you sure will be able to design an enviably beautiful reception area for your office. Please send your enquiry here to get free Quote.

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