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Here Are the Considerations to Factor in While Selecting Curtains for Your Restaurant

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While considering a Restaurant Design, one thing that people often forget to attach importance to is curtains. Choosing the right curtains for a restaurant is as important as choosing the right furniture or the paint on the walls. Modern Restaurant Interior is not just about furniture, it’s about a lot of other things including curtains. Now, the question that arises here is- how to choose the right curtains for a Restaurant Interior? The answer to which is as follows-

1. The curtains chosen for a Restaurant Interior Design must be in sync with the theme of the restaurant. If the theme is contemporary, the curtains chosen must be vibrant and lively with a lot of abstract designs. If you are going for plain curtains, make sure, the curtains feature a pop in colours.

2. The second factor to consider is the colour on the walls of the restaurant. This is a factor that is considered by almost every Restaurant Interior Designer. Curtains that don’t match the paint on the walls of the restaurant look out of place.

3. The third factor to take into account is the length. Now, this depends on the size of the windows. Generally, long curtains are in trend. But then long curtains might look odd when the height of the walls is not too much.

4. The fabric used in the curtains can also make a sea of difference. If it’s a sea side restaurant with a nice breeze then use of curtains in light fabrics that will allow them to flutter would be the best bet. If it’s a formal restaurant, then going for thick fabric would be ideal.

Choosing fabrics on the basis of these factors is highly advisable. After all, curtains are no more a peripheral but an integral part of interior design.

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