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How to Achieve Space Economy in A Cramped Commercial Space?

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Commercial interior designing is an elaborate art. And because most commercial spaces remain cramped, designing them happens to be an uphill task. But commercial interior designers find ways to make cramped spaces look and feel spacious. What are the ways to achieve this? Well, find out here-

1. A Commercial design may be considered good if it doesn’t waste space. And this can be achieved by using furniture items that serve multifarious roles. For instance, you can use a door that also doubles as a display board with racks. Doing this simple thing will help you achieve great space economy.

2. Space planning is extremely important for Commercial interior design. You should plan beforehand about which item is going to occupy which place in the office or shop. This way, furniture and other items can be placed exactly where they should be.

3. Modern commercial interior maintains space economy by using sliding doors and windows. Even cabinet doors can be sliding, if space is a constraint. Besides sliding doors are fun and easy to use.

4. Use mirrors and light-colored paints on walls for an illusion of space. Mirrors also make a shop look more attractive. And because they reflect the items in a shop, an illusion of having more items than actual, gets created.

By using these simple yet effective ways to use space in a commercial interior more efficiently, you achieve space economy in a sure-shot manner.

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